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Kim Tyrer
23 March 2013 | Stories | Kim Tyrer

Barrels of Fun, Festivals and History

....and this would have to be one of the first press articles every written about Galafrey. It makes my Dad, Ian Tyrer, look 5 foot 2 but he was 5 foot 10. That's how big that barrel is. It had the smallest entry hole to it and Dad would climb in and clean...not sure if I would!! and it was the early days when Dad would wear full overalls *daggy*!

He upgraded to KingGee Stubbies and a T-shirt and wore this fashion statement to work for the rest of his working days. These Days Galafrey work wear is a pair of jeans and T-shirt. And during vintage it doesn't take long for your work clothes to be soooo worn you can't even use them for rags!!

How about some more festival fun!! this is a photo of our big barrel that was outside our cellar door in the main street of Albany in the mid 80's. from memory it is some German backpackers on top. Festival Fun!!! Love it!! ...and what about this one. This was for the Great Southern Wine Festival we use to have in October.

This is one of my Favourite. Mum and Dad, aka Linda and Ian Tyrer look so happy. We rolled the barrel down into the vineyard for the photographer. He said to Linda ' Ok jump into the photo." Mum is quite camera shy and really didn't want to do it but she looks happy in the photo. Great Times, Great Fun!!

This one is of Me. I am an artist and would paint and design an art label for our wines. Some people love it! others not so sure? Now I am an artist in the form of a winemaker!

and this one is Linda when she was about my age. Our winery was in Albany and you could stand in cellar door and look down at the winery and watch the wine being made during vintage. However often you were given a job if you stood there for too long!!!



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