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Kim Tyrer
11 March 2013 | About Us | Kim Tyrer

Did you know Galafrey Wines was one of the first wineries to grow Pinot Noir in WA?

In 1977 we were one of the first, with Mosswood, to planted Pinot Noir in WA. We bought the cuttings from the Ag Dept. From 1982 we made Pinot Noir and everyone loved it! Big and bold, lots of body. They said it was the best Pinot ever!

As the vineyard began to mature we noticed the differences with some of the leaves. We got an expert in and sure enough half the block was Pinot which we had two different clones of and the other half was Shiraz. No wonder everyone love it! They were pretty much drinking Shiraz!

So we mark each Pinot vine and the Pinot is handpicked early in the season. Later on we run the mechanical harvester through to pick the Shiraz often 3 to 4 weeks later. It is quite good because Pinot really prefers to be handpicked.

The Pinot bunches are quite small in size and tight in structure. We picked our Pinot this year at 13.5 Beume and the colour of the bunches are a lovely blue ink colour. And the taste........ yummo and intense....

At the moment we are pumping over which means each day we pump the juice from the bottom of the tank to the top of the tank. This keeps the skins moist and lots of contact with the juice. This is very important for colour, flavour and tannins. We will do this for approx. 10 days before we press the juice off the skins and ferment. Exciting! Then it is time to find some nice barrels.


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