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Kim Tyrer
8 December 2013 | Events | Kim Tyrer

Galafrey Wines Dr Who Competition Entries

To help celebrate the Dr Who 50th Anniversary we ran a photo competition. It was simple-
"Take a photo of a bottle of Galafrey Wines with your Favourite Dr Who prop or dress up as your favourite Dr drinking a glass of wine....whatever......the photo just needs to be a) Galafrey Wines and b) of Dr Who Flavour!! Get creative and have some fun!!

Then post it on our Facebook Page 

Or email it to us and we will post on our FB Page. 

The funnier the better! We  picked a winner "who" received a mixed dozen of Galafrey Wines right before Christmas and the start of summer!!!!!! Entry as many times a syou like- it's just for fun!"

We got heaps of entries and it was a lot of fun! We also printed all the enteries into a photo book for diplay at Cellar door. We also picked two equal runner-ups and gave a few highly commendeds. We looked for the more creative entries where people had made a big effort.

The winner is the first photograph at the start of the Blog. WINNER!! Another Great entry by Ben Bandiera for our Dr Who Competition. Always Fill up with Galafrey Wines and your Tardis will Thank You!

EQUAL RUNNER-UP WOW! loving this one called "Legs Eleven(th Doctor)" by Claire Fearon. So Matt Smith is your favorite Dr? Great effort guys!!

EQUAL RUNNER UP....loving this one from Martin & Beverley Steadman. Love a good dress up! and the gate!!

And how about this entry by Dan Fox and his very original MS-1001 watch made by his OWC Watch Company. The dial is the Gallifrey word for Time written in Gallifrey script.

HIGHLY COMMENDED loving this entry by Jessie Fletcher for our Dr Who Competition. Who's coming for dinner? and serving Galafrey Wines Naturally.

HIGHLY COMMENDED Another Great entry by Dave Whybrew for our Dr Who Competition. "So stairs aren't the only thing that Daleks struggle with! With GALAFREY WINES" ........and I am wondering if Dave is the one in the Dalek suit?

HIGHLY COMMENDED Ok- gotta love this one by photo shop genius Jason Sampson aka Bogan's Guide to Wine. He has done a whole series.....

HIGHLY COMMENDED is gonna be hard to choose a winner with this other great entry by Stephen Proksch called "Keep pouring - its bigger on the inside!".......Galafrey Wines Dr Who Competition.

Another great entry to our Dr Who Competition called "Time, Gentleman" by Samantha Wright. A great tribute to Dr Who, GALAFREY WINES and the Jelly Bean.

Ha! Ha! Ha!......Fezzes are cool! .....and so is Galafrey Wines! Well done to Ben Bandiera for his entry to the Galafrey Wines Dr Who Competition.

Thanks to Alanna Maclean for this one! Galafrey Wines Dr Who Competition. " Emp-ty emp-ty..."

Another entry by Claire Fearon and a nice play on words called "Binary vascular reflections". Keep them coming guys! Our Dr Who Competition finishes on 1st Dec so plenty of time to get your entry in.

Finally......someone dressed like the Dr! Thxs to Dallas Jones ( who is a BIG Dr Who fan as you can see from all the Dr Who stuff in photo!) for your entry to the Dr Who Competition.

Another Great Dr Who Competition entrant. Great Cyber-man- one of Dr Who many villains. Thxs Glen Perks. Keep them coming..

Glen Perks clearly has some great Dr Who Stuff and loves a little Galafrey Wines too! Another great entry for our Dr Who Competition helping celebrate 50th years of Dr Who. Who watching it tonight?

Another Great Dr Who entry by Ian Brake. " So , at the end of all time , the Doctor as the last of the time Lords, and the last remaining Dalek agree that if the end is to be, then the end must be with a Galafrey Reserve Museum Release Dry Grown Shiraz, and the year should be 2004. 
All else will be eliminated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ok- gotta love this one by photo shop genius Jason Sampson aka Bogan's Guide to Wine. He has done a whole series.....

and the First Picture is in for our Dr Who Competition! Jordana Leavesley.

Feel free to enter our Dr Who Competition as many times as you like. As Jordana leavesley has done with this entry. A different way to view GALAFREY WINES.

Another great Dr Who entry by Martin & Beverley Steadman.

Another great Dr Who entry by Martin & Beverley Steadman. This weeping angel looks way too friendly!

Another entry by Samantha Wright called "Because...bow ties are cool".

Great reference to last night episode and possibly need to order some more wine? Great entry Sandra Basham.

More entries for the Dr Who Competition. This one titled ' Now we know what fuels a Tardis' is by Sandra Basham.........yes if you drink GALAFREY WINES you could go back in time!!
Now we know what fuels a Tardis

apparently our wines are nicer than Humans! Another great entry by Sandra Basham for our Dr Who Competition.

Another Dr Who Entry called 'Will the sonic fix the emptiness? Do we go back? Do we get exterminated?' by Sandra Basham. Loving the fact people are putting great titles to their photo's!


Got your own Dr Who Photo with Galafrey Wines? Why not send it to us? or post on our Facebook page.


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