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Kim Tyrer
24 March 2014 | Stories | Kim Tyrer

Growing up in the Wine Industry

I love this picture and article. It is about how my parents came to be in the wine industry.

Mum and dad were original in the computer industry. But dad had long held a dream that he want to come back to country western Australian and raise a family. He believes the country and WA was the best place to have a family lifestyle. Question was what were they going to do for a job? Dad knew he wasn’t going to be a farmer, so they research and research. At the time the wine industry was being endorsed by the Ag Dept and my parent research and looked into it more. Before you knew it they sink every penny into a property in Mount Barker and began the Journey of Galafrey.

I was born a year later and we had that family country lifestyle. I ran amuck around the farm. I hang out with dad on the tractor; we had Easter hunts in the vineyard and winery, I was a master at hide and seek in the winery. We use to play on the pallet trolley and dad would yell at us all the time” it’s a winery not a playground!” I ran into a barrel playing chasey, which cost me 6 stitches and a scar on my lip I still have today.

I was 13 when I went to my first wine show with the esteemed wine judges. They gave me ice-cream ;-). I was 15 when I went on my first export trip to Japan. No one in Japan believe I was 15 they all thought I was 26…..and very tall.

I remember countless trips to Perth where I would sit in the middle of my parent in a ford ute all cramped in, in the middle of summer and no aircon. I love the Jiffy van- it was such a treat. Dad would order that same thing ALL the time. Ice coffee, sandwich and a pastie. We would listen to Pink Floyd, Paul Simon or Sky in the Ute for 4 hours until we got to Perth. It use to drive me mad.

I did 3 trips across the Nullarbor with my parents in a car. We played I spy all the time in the car. Dad and I would constantly compete and try and outsmart each other. Mum refused to play. When I had my turn which was ‘ I spy with my little eye something beginning with H.’ dad took forever to guess it and after he found out it was H for Horizon he too refused to play ever again. I went to the Clare, Barossa and Eden Valley on those trips visiting numerous wineries. I was sooo Bored! Wasted really. I would love to do those trips again.

Once you add all the festivals, tasting and dinners. The beautiful vineyard property and views we have. The wine we drink. It does make all the hard work worthwhile…’s not a bad life!


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