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Kim Tyrer
24 March 2014 | Vintage | Kim Tyrer

Hello creepy crawling thing!

Chaser bin driver waiting for the harvester

A great photo showing the height of the harvester.

This rather large spider in the photo is a Christmas spider. The vineyard is full of them but this one is huge and it wasn't the only one in the bin. When I open the lid of the merlot a wave of earwigs floated out causing me to give a little squeal. Then I looked inside and saw all the spiders. I am not a huge fan of spiders at the best of times. Mum got a bucket and started picking a few snails out of the bin and Jack said " Nanny, spider!" and mum had a spider crawling on her jumper. She sqeauled and brushed the spider off. Then we saw a frog so I got a bucket and recused it and told Jack to take it outside. It was the most alive bin I have ever seen!

So the next real question was who was going to get inside and squash it! Of course my hubby hadconveniently hurt his back and couldn't do it. So I drew the short straw and jump in with my eager 4 year old. All I could think off was the creepy crawlers on my bare skin and feet. awwwww.......But job done and now the juice looks REALLY GOOD! coloured up nicely.

Our Pinot Noir fermet looking really good- nice deep colour.

Our morning meeting with morning tea of Cab Sauv and Shiraz Juice.....not long now until the Cab Sauv is ready.


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