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Kim Tyrer
16 September 2013 | Stories | Kim Tyrer

Vine pull is a dirty word

After 10 years of looking at various ways to improve our business we looked at many options. To cut a long story short we release our vineyard isn’t really being utilized to it best ability. Rather than getting into debt expanding our business we needed to really improve and capitalized on our current asset. The land we already own. So we decided we wanted to plant some more Pinot Noir so that we could make our own single vineyard Pinot. Currently, we do not make enough pinot.

Before Dad died he pulled Twenty rows of Muller out to plant some more Chardonnay. He never got a chance to start the job. Unfortunately we had enough on our plates and the planting of that block got left in the pipeline. Then of course the chardonnay market fell over. But now it is exactly where we are going to plant our pinot. Unfortunately we can’t get a hold of cuttings until next year so this block is Stage Two.

Which brings me back to Stage one. We make too much Riesling. Since Dad died we have been selling our excess Riesling. We have a small block which is a poor performer. It yields 2 tonnes. So we decided to pull this block of Riesling and we have purchase some Cabernet sauvignon from the Windy Hill Vineyard. Once planted this will probably produce 8-10 tonne of yummy fresh young Cabernet Sauvignon which will be excellent for blending with our older vine Cab sauv.

This makes total good business sense to us and we are working hard to make this a very valuable Red Wine Dry Grown Vineyard. (Of course with the exception of some Riesling, Chardonnay and Muller.)

It is a weird feeling. In my heart and brain I know I am right and we are doing the right thing. On the other hand it sad to pull out these old 36 year old vines. But I know when we get our first 8 Tonne crop of some of the greatest Cab Sauv in the area I know I will be so happy.

I also feel a little weird promoting the fact we are pulling some vines. But it’s not the end of our business, it’s a new chapter. It’s the right thing to do.

Here's a few pictures

Pulling some Riesling Vines out.

The Big fella in the little excuvator doing the job.

A Few Chardonnay vines being pulled out.

A nice clean block ready to be ripped, treated and planted with some Cab Sauv Cuttings.


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