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Kim Tyrer
10 March 2013 | Vintage | Kim Tyrer

A Day in the Life of a Junior Winemaker.

When I was growing up my parents were planting the vineyard. My days were filled walking up and down the rows training the vines and picking off new growth down the bottom of the vine. Mum play lots of games with me to keep me occupied and she packed picnic lunches every day.

Fast Forward 35 years and we have Jack who loves being outside in the vineyard. On Friday we picked the Pinot Noir. He was up and excited. He has the same work shirts as his dad and his own pair of Blundies boots. Of course the first 10 minutes in the vineyard involved a major tantrum because he wasn't allowed his own pair of secateurs (grape scissors). At that stage Nigel and I were wishing we left him at home but he soon enough settle in to the day.


We had a few backpackers picking from Korea and Lomax Media turned up to do a video of us doing the Harlem Shake in the Vineyard for the Albany Chamber of Commerce and Industry Awards night. Good fun. Nigel chicken out and made me be lead dancer/shaker. He commented that I really went for it! Well someone had too? Crazy.

*note* check out Bruce in the photo- what a tart!


Jack fitted in well on the day. Love being in the Ute, picking up buckets. He also handed out buckets to the pickers. Loved being on the back of Ute eating grapes and by the end of picking Jack ended up with his own pair of secateurs anyway! Turns out he can pick grapes at the age of 3. Not bad!

Then by the end of the day he helps us load the bins into the crusher, pull stalks away with the shovel, wash the bins and wash down the floor. All in a day's work! You'd think he would of sleep like a baby that night.......we he did for the first 4 hours......grrr.......


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