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Kim Tyrer
3 April 2013 | Vintage | Kim Tyrer

Vintage- the romance wore off this week

Ok- not my best week! After a month of going hard the romance of vintage is wearing thin. Tempers are short, dramas begin, sleep or a break seems like a dream, is there no end??

Good Friday was a low point. I got up knowing I was going to work that day. At the time, in the back of my head I did wonder if I really needed too. I should have listened.

My goal was to filter some wine, a large amount of wine. I start and straight away I had a pin prick in the hose. Red wine going on the floor. I taped it up as best I could but the pressure of trying to 'push' wine through filter pads it just wasn't working. So I abandon the filtration and thought ' no worries, I will just pump the wine into the tank.' I had to move it into the tank so it was off ullaged. It would be 2 + weeks before we would be bottling this wine. It had to be done.

Of course half way through the tank seal was leaking. Damn it I hadn't tightened the tank door up enough. It is tricky to do and requires "Nigel" strength. Nigel was out working on his farm clearing paddocks. No worries. I will just reverse the hoses and pump but into the tank it comes from. Don't worry the wine is fine!

So, 4 + hours later the wine was in the exact same position it was to begin with. What a waste of a day and my time. Tomorrow we are attempting to pump the wine back into that tank again. This time I have used "Nigel" strength to close the door properly. We are also harvesting our Cab Sauv 2moz plus we have some back packers coming to pick a few rows of grapes and anything else the day throws at me!!

Thank fully tomoorrow is the last day. The final grapes to come off the vineyard- Cab Sauv. The Pinot, Cab Franc and Merlot look awesome. I couldn't be happier. While I was plunging the Cab Franc Grapes Nigel commented on how all he could smell was chocolate. I was like 'yeah, hello? Why do you think I have always wanted to make this wine? Chocolate and wine- who doesn't like that!!"


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