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Kim Tyrer
27 July 2015 | Stories | Kim Tyrer

1993 Galafrey Wines Cabernet Sauvignon drinking beautifully!!

No one likes spring cleaning but to clean up the old wine rack that's a lot of fun!

I like buying wine just like everyone else. In fact it sometimes is hard not to. Plus we often swap wine for wine! Anyway the old home rack is looking too full and needs a cull. The rules are simple open a bottle, no good- tip it down the sink and keep opening bottles until you find one to drink. So we started at some old wines that we weren't sure about.

We open this 1993 Cabernet Sauvignon not really knowing what to expect......oh yeah! It was fantastic. The cork was horrible, all dry and crumbly. In the end we just push it through and tried it with some cork crumbs, nothing a tea strainer couldn't sort out. Because the cork was dry I expected it to be awful but it wasn't. It took a while to open up and when it did it had plenty of sweet fruit left in it. Nice dark berries and develop cassis. Plenty of length, not thin at all. 22 years old and this wines had plenty of life left in it. I great example of how well our wines age.

If you are interested in aging some of our wines for yourself please check out our Cabernet Sauvignon. Its a great place to start and we recommend 10 years from the date of vintage. However as you can see it can go much longer than 10 years if stored correctly. I must admit that this wine was not stored correctly. It was stored in our house which is normally fine however in winter we often have the fire up high which does warm our wines up too much and wines start leaking through the cork. 

Some tips to storing wines correctly

  • if cork, they need to be laid down some that the cork stays moist and does not dry out allowing air to get in and oxidize the wine.
  • if screwcap, store either up right or lying down. It doesn't matter
  • make sure where the wine is stored there is no dramatic temperature changes. It's these spikes in temparature that does the most damage.
  • ideal wine temp for storage is 13-21 degrees

Some handy hints

  • wine storage doesn't need to be expensive. I often buy second hand wine racks or wine fridges saving money. check out gumtree or buy and sell pages. 
  • a good cork screw is essential. Nothing worst than trying to pull a damage cork out with a bad cork screw.
  • a decanter and good wine glasses are also a must. Riedal or Plumm are always good choices.
  • have a simple system- mine is"good rack, middle rack and quaff rack". The good rack are some 2nd hand wine fridges where all the good wine I wish to age goes. The middle rack is the main rack where everything goes and holds well over 5 dozen. Its a simple 1970s wood rack. And quaff rack is the rack of wine where I move wines that need to be consume quickly for whatever reason ( getting old? been in rack for ages and no one looked at it? wine someone left and i am not overly keen on it??) and quaffers. This is also good for those nights when you drink your good wines first and move onto quaffers or when guest stay like your inlaws/ older children- they can help themselves to anything in that rack. For the quaff rack I have a simple small wrought iron rack that holds one dozen.
  • when someone gives you wine as a gift write their name on the front (or back) label. That way you will remember to drink that wine with them next time and they will love that!
  • always dream- when I win lotto I will build a dream cellar- here are some of my dream cellars on pinterest.



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