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Kim Tyrer
31 December 2015 | Stories | Kim Tyrer

Flashback Friday's for 2015

Flash back Friday. Who remembers the massive mural at our old cellar door the wool stores in Albany?

Flash back Friday- who remembers the large barrels outside our cellar door in Albany in the 80's? here are some unsuspecting tourists who where ask to jump up for a photo opportunity to promote the local wine festival. Fun Times!!

Flash Back Friday- An ode to father's day I had to have a old photo's of Ian working hard during vintage. Those who knew him will remember the stubbie king gee shorts and the red bread with a big laugh. Here he is pushing the grapes down in the red ferments. A busy little winemaker.....

Flashback Friday. The Building of our Cellar door in the mid 90's. A lot of fun times, many stories and lots of bottles of red were made and consumed in the making of this cellar door. As we start leading up to the anniversary of 50 years in this area I will be post more about our history here at Galafrey Wines. Afterall we were here for 38 of those 50 years!

Flashback Friday - here's is a great photo of Ian on one of his many trips to Japan in the mids 90's. We sold wine to Japan for over 16 years, mainly Cab Sauv. We loved our trips to Japan, again, many great stories and memories.

Flashback Fridays- The Massey 65 Ferguson! my parents sunk every penny in buying this property and what little they had left they brought the Massey. Every farm needs a tractor. This tractor does everything from pumping water, spraying vineyard, firebreaks, pulling machinery out and even chopping wood. Does it have a cab? No. Does it have air con? No cab! Does it have a radio to listen to ABC country hour? No and don't even brother with an ipod, you still wouldn't hear it over engine! What does thumbs out mean? if you go around a corner with thumbs inside the steering wheel and hit a bump chances are you'll ripped your thumbs off!! oh, good to know!?! It's leaking oil? that's ok it going out slower than it is going in so we're all good! Yep, she's a workhorse. Now of course we don't use her so much. Modern day farmer's like a cab, air con, cup holders and a radio to listen too. Soft! We could sell her but there is always a soft spot for our Massey Ferguson.

Flash Back Friday- In the beginning we brought an old apple orchid to plant a vineyard on. We planted the vineyard but in those days it took 5 years before you can get a commercial production off it. So my parents really struggle for an income during those 5 years. One idea was to pick all the apples of the orchid and take them to the market in Perth. Here is a photo of my dad and his brother selling apples. They had so much fun mucking around. And I couldn't but notice in the picture there is two apple bins on the back of the Ute. Probably overload the Ute just a little bit! Anyway at the end of the season mum did the books and they made $20! Mum quickly added ' well, I'm not doing that again!"

Flashback Friday- So my dad's dream car was a Jag. And as our friend promptly put " Yeah right Tyrer! Where would you put the trailer and roo bar?" Ian was well known for loading his Ute and trailer up beyond believe. He'd often go to Perth with the back of the Ute full of wine, a tool box, bag of clothes and if there was any room left a load of wood. trailer would have any amount of machinery on like big Genset, cars, tanks, pallets of wine, bins full of grapes, you name it! In this photo he is joking around when a truckie left his trailer in our yard over night. Dad pull his Ute up to it saying " you like my new trailer?" with a big cheeky grin!!

Flashback Friday- While the new winery was built there was no money left for a house so the plan was to live in the winery aka shed til there was some more money to start to build mum's dream home. For 5 years they lived in that shed. It was cold specially during may when the refrigeration was on for all the white wine! It was the bare basics. So when we had guests there was no such thing as a spare room. No worries! Dad would jump on the forklift, move a few pallets of wine around to make a room and throw in a bed. Voila! People loved it! Sleeping among the wine. And just before you'd go to bed mum would say " and I know exactly how many bottles there are there!"


Flashback Friday-We live in Albany in the old wool stores down on Lower Stirling Tce for the 80's. It was our home, winery, cellar door and everything else in between. It was massive, so much space. Hence we were often asked to store stuff like boats, trailers and in this case the Christmas train sponsored by Boans. I believe Father Christmas sat in the back back if you look closely you can see a small blonde girl?? wonder who that is?? Once we stored a 12 ft Yacht but that's a whole another flash back story! Not long now till Christmas!!

Flashback Friday- its Christmas time and what better way to celebrate than with puppies.....and wine. Here is a too cute picture of Henry as a pup. Like all our dogs they become more famous than our wines. Often the first question at cellar door is, whats the puppy's name? and what kind of dog is he? and like most dogs you can only train him so much. Once he had muddy paws and jump up on a lady who was wearing white jeans. She spent hours in the toilets cleaning her jeans. Whoops....


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