Galafrey Specials- whether they be an end of run, left over from export or sales deals or simply a wine of the month that needs a little help to move along. Great wines at great prices. You will never feel guilty for drinking these wines any day of the week! Cheers

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Cabernet Shiraz 2016

Plummy, mulberry, blackberry notes, a pinch of tarragon and thyme, along with a whisker of vanilla derived from its time in oak. The cooler growing conditions enhanced varietal definition. Generously proportioned with smooth, finely polished tannins, balanced acidity and lively flavours that are the hallmark of the variety. 


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Muller Thurgau 2020

 Müller-Thurgau grape was first cloned in Geisenheim (in the Rheingau region) in 1882 by Professor Hermann Müllerfrom Thurgau, Switzerland. It was discovered that the Müller-Thurgau grape is actually across between the Riesling and Madeleine Royale grapes. Galafrey is one of a handful of people who grow Muller Thurgau is Australia.


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2017 Cleanskin Shiraz

Needed to empty a small tank pre vintage so this is excellent value for money. 2017 Shiraz bottled without a label at a great price! I guarantee once you buy one to try you will be back for more and more...


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