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Dry Grown Pinot Noir 2022


Interesting Pinot Noir we have here. Leather, mint, dried cherries, strawberries and dried herbs, almost to liquorice. Medium bodied, dry and sinewy, with some tobacco and rose, even acidity and a pretty good finish. It’s a Pinot for Nebbiolo drinkers, and of course there’s nothing wrong with that. No shortage of character. VEGAN FRIENDLY

Alcohol 13.5%


Fruit sourced from our 46 year old 12 hectare Dry Grown Vineyard. Our old vines are not irrigated; something quite unusual in these days of mass commercial production. We prefer low-yielding wine crops with small berries. Although it limits our volume, having smaller fruit fosters an intensity of the flavour, with most of the colour and tannin of the grape being concentrated in or near the skin. The characteristically cool climate of the district ensures slow ripening of the grapes, which also allows for the development of rich flavour and quality grape juice. Grown on ancient gravely loams in Mount Barker, in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, an area renowned for excellence in cool climate viticulture. Our old vines are all cane pruned and yield 2 tonne per hectare with small bunch weights which add intensity of character and flavour. Galafrey harvest their grapes from mid March to late April depending on the season.

Vintage started 2 weeks later than previous years but in some ways like the old days. Leading up to vintage we had a wet winter/ spring but in summer we had some brutal heats waves and beastly eastly winds. The change of season came early and by April things are looking for very autumn with significant rainfalls. With average temperature of 22-14 degrees, we are reminder that this area and this season is all about slow ripening. Vineyard that are well prepared and seasoned winemakers of the area will fare well with long term experience of a wet season.Slow ripen patience and experience is key to 2022 vintage as will be strong winemaking skills to produce reds with depth of tannins. Whites will produce wines with great acidity and excellent for aging. Low alc reds but great colour and skins for flavour will prove popular early. 


Fun Fact! Galafrey wines was one of the first producers in WA to go and make Pinot Noir.

Hand-picked the grapes are dark in colour and small tight bunches. Whole bunch crush and plunged daily, it didn't take long for the wild yeast to develop and start fermenting. Keep on skins for a week then press out, the juice is strong in colour and flavour. Put straight into barrel and aged on French oak for a year before racking out and preparing for bottling. Minimal filtration and fining used to retain the strong colour and flavour.

These dry, cool to mild climate grapes of the Great Southern region will produce classic Pinot Noir, wines with great depth of flavour and structure. We endeavour through meticulous viticulture and wine production sympathetic to the vintage conditions to produce a Pinot Noir that will express varietal characters in tune with its sense of place. Left of Skins as long as possible to ensure depth of colour and flavour our winemaking is geared toward producing a wine that is harmonious, interesting, well-structured and most importantly drinkable, with a minimum of two years in quality French oak.

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