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Celebrating 40 Years Part 2- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


Move back to vineyard…...In 1993 we moved the winery back to the vineyard building a custom built shed. To make things interesting we moved during vintage. Tank were drop off outside the shed, as the grapes cam in dad picked a tank brought it inside and filled it. Crazy times. It was nicknamed Camp Quangellup as we camp most nights there during vin...

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Celebrating 40 Years Part 1-Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


 Celebrating 40 years 1977-2017"When Ian Tyrer first moved to Mt Barker to set up Galafrey Wines he made an agreement with his Melbourne-born wife, Linda. He said after six months he would ask her if she liked what they were doing and if she did not they would move back east." Twenty two years on I still have not ask that question" Ian Tyrer s...

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Why did we choose Mount Barker? Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


THE REAL SEA CHANGE -30 YEARS AHEAD OF THEIR TIMEGalafrey remains family-owned business and all wines are grown, nurturedand bottled on the estate in Mount Barker WA. Established by Ian Tyrer(1946-2003). Galafrey Wines is survived by mother and daughter team, Lindaand Kim Tyrer. Linda and Kim maintain a hands-on role to ensure that the Galafrey phi...

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Our Special Dry Grown Vineyard- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


If you enjoy powerful red wine with mega flavour then you will love wine that is dry grown. If you have not yet experienced this sublime pleasure then welcome to an amazing new world that is hard to return from. Once sampled dry grown wines are never forgotten and though a rare in this commercial climate, a select few wineries in WA use this fruit ...

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Where does the Name Galafrey come from? Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


Back in 1980 the Western Australian government were printing a map of the 'new' wine industry so we had to come up with a name for this. Galafrey Wines is a family owned business, our surname ˜Tyrer was too hard for people to say (correctly!) or any reference to geographical location was either taken or unpronounceable. So we got a blackboard and h...

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Bushfires Cyclone and One Man's Dream- Galafrey Wines Australian Wine


In 1978 Cyclone Alby hit the great southern in March 1978. Considered one of the biggest most devastating Cyclones in WA history. Linda remembers it well.It was also the first year my Parents Ian and Linda Tyrer first arrived in WA in Mount Barker to set up their vineyard. They gave up their high profile jobs and made the tree change to country WA ...

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Vintage Part 3- Vintage Now and Then Podcast- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines

I love that story of Dad and the bees. It is quite funny even at the time JDo you ever wonder how the wine industry has changed over 35+ years? We know! We were there!Now we have the third and final instalment of our podcast. For approx. 10 mins Kim and Linda talk about the difference between vintage then and now. How much the industry has changed....

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Vintage Part 2- Bees and Vintage Podcast- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines

I hope you enjoyed the first of our podcasts.Stories are a big part of our history and we treasure them as much as our wine. And we share them as much as we do our wine!!Now for the second.Kim and Linda talk about bees. Bees and vintage????......yep! Bees and vintage!Sit back for approx. 9 mins and enjoy! 

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Vintage Part 1- Harvest and Hail Podcast- Galafrey Wines Australian Wine

 Even wondered what it is like to own your own winery? Or work at a winery during vintage? The romance, the wine, the people…….the hard work!Sit back, maybe pour yourself a glass of wine? And listening to Kim and Linda talk about Vintage. We start with the stories of Vintage for this year. Starting with our first pick the other night with our ...

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Galafrey Wine Dogs- How much mischief can a wine dog get into?


Galafrey dogs.....oh....the storiesWinery dogs are a big part of the industry and we have always had Jack Russell's here at Galafrey. A great character dog and some great stories too.....Bruce as a puppy in the office bin- he loved to sleep in there!• When we lived in Albany we converted the old wool stores into an apartment and winery. The front d...

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Where does Riesling come from? Noble Rot and Fun Facts about Riesling.


Where does Riesling Come From?Earlier, Riesling was sometimes claimed to have originated from wild vines of the Rhine region, without much support to back up that claim. More recently, DNA fingerprinting by Ferdinand Regner indicated that one parent of Riesling is Gouais Blanc, known to the Germans as Weißer Heunisch, a variety that, while rare to...

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To be a Pioneer- Ian Tyrer Galafrey Wines Australian Wine


In 1965 the first commercial vines were planted in Mt Barker. Forrest Hill was the first with a trail plot with the Agriculture Department, followed by Plantagenet Wines in 1968. It was then a decade later in 1976 when Goundrey wines planted their vines and was then followed by Galafrey Wines in 1978, established by my parents, Ian and Linda Tyrer....

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CEO & Winemaker Kim Tyrer talks about the Booklet written by DR Galdstones and how it influenced the emergence of the Great Southern Wine Industry

One of the major documents that influenced the start of the Great Southern wine industry, the largest viticulture area in Western AustraliaMy object is a booklet entitled The Climate and Soils of South-Western Australia in Relation to Vine Growing by J.S. Gladstones, reprinted from the Journal of the Australian Institute of Agricultural Science Dec...

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Printing Wine Labels- spends the day at the printers and show you how our labels are processed.

Printing wine labels is an interesting process. For me the most interesting part is that as technology develops so does the process of printing of wine labels. For example Digital printing is new and Supa Stik have a great new machine ( one of the only ones in Australia) where they can digital print labels from start to finish on one machine. Much ...

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Why We Do What We Do! Galafrey Wines Australian Winemakers


We wanted to explain to you why we are committed to the things we do and why we do them. In a world that is rapidly changing we wanted to share our goals, objectives and ethics with you. It may seem old fashioned and out dated but the principles are relevant and valuable to us.OUR PLACEWe have a daily battle of not being on a major highway in a maj...

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  3078 Hits what started as a love story quickly turned into reality!


My parents, Ian and Linda Tyrer, spent all their savings on a property in Mount barker on which they were going to plant a vineyard.It had a house on this property. Linda's father, a builder, came over to help them set up. Linda, proud of her new purchase showed her father around the house asking him what they could do to fix it up. Her father toss...

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Galafrey Wines Australian Wines- Our History Part 1


Like most family businesses Galafrey Wines started as a love story.Linda met Ian Tyrer in London in the 70s. Both from Australia, they were travelling the world and working in London in the new and emerging computer Industry. But once they had met and fallen in love talk began of settling down, getting married and having a family. Both had a desire...

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Galafrey Wines -A Personal Story- Australian Wine


Galafrey Wines remains a family-owned business and all wines are grown, nurtured and bottled on the estate in Mount Barker WA. Established by Ian Tyrer (1946-2003). Galafrey Wines is survived by mother and daughter team, Linda and Kim Tyrer. Linda and Kim maintain a hands-on role to ensure that the Galafrey philosophy is upheld. When Ian Tyrer firs...

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Our Winemaking Philosophy is Simple at Galafrey Wines, Premium Wines Mount Barker WA


Our winemaking philosophy is simplyYOU NEED GOOD GRAPES TO MAKE GOOD WINE!It makes sense. Imagine you got awful, mouldy grapes in at the winery. It will make dirty, mouldy tasting wines. If you have good clean fruit come in at the winery you have good clean wine. Of course you also need to add picking the grapes at the right time so that the acidit...

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Ode to My Mother Linda Tyrer- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


One of the great joys in life is to sit down at the dinner table with great food and wine and listen to stories. I have listened to countless stories.... Stories when my parent first brought this property with all their savings in 1977. Mum's dad, a builder came over to have and look and help. Mum showed him around the house and asked ...

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