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Congratulations Kim Tyrer Galafrey CEO & Winemaker wins ACCI Business Person of the Year


On Friday Night was the Albany Chamber of Commerce and Industry Annual Business Awards. Galafrey Wines was a finalist which was fantastic but Kim came away with the win for Business Person of the year Award." Congratulations to the amazing Kim Tyrer winner of the ACCI Business Person of the Year. Truly dedicated to her industry, her town, her regio...

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The Fabulous Ladies Wine Society Q&A with Winemaker Kim Tyrer


From a childhood of grape 'slavery' in the family vineyards to CEO and winemaker for Galafrey Wines, and finalist in the 2016 Australian Women in Wine Awards, Kim Tyrer is one of Western Australia's most fabulous ladies of wine. Read her story. When, why and how did you first enter the wine industry?In 1976, my parents brought a property in Mount B...

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2013 RIRDC Rural Women's Award Western Australian Finialist. Kim Tyrer

The RIRDC Rural Women's Award is Australia's pre-eminent Award for rural women. The Award identifies and supports emerging leaders and change agents who have the capability and resources to drive innovation, productivity and sustainability within primary industries, and build economic and social development within rural communities. "I grew up in t...

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Kim Tyrer Young Business Person of the Year- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


 I used to think people who took a prepared speech to awards nights were a bit up themselves.However I learnt a valuable lesson on Friday night. When the emotion takes over and you're not sure how to deal with all the attention it is good to have a backup plan of a prepared speech. Suddenly I was standing up there with a captured audience........

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Ode to My Mother Linda Tyrer- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


One of the great joys in life is to sit down at the dinner table with great food and wine and listen to stories. I have listened to countless stories.... Stories when my parent first brought this property with all their savings in 1977. Mum's dad, a builder came over to have and look and help. Mum showed him around the house and asked ...

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In the Beginning- Kim Tyrer Galafrey Wines Australian Wine

My Name is Kim Tyrer. I was born 30 odd years ago about the same time my parents brought a property in Mt Barker WA and planted a vineyard. I grew up in the wine industry. I started in a Mary Poppins style pram, I was on one side and vine cuttings on the other, as my mum, Linda Tyrer, paced up and down the rows planting their future. As I got older...

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