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Vintage Report 2024

Riesling Fruit

A dry start to the season saw one of the earliest vintages on record. Record temperatures and revolving heatwaves made ripening conditions difficult. Spring and the lead into summer was dry with our last significant rainfall in September. However, quality looked good, but volume was down.

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What the Whole Bunch?

Ever heard of whole bunch fermentation? The difference is, usually red wine fermentation involves the grapes being hand picked or mechanically picked, then put through a crusher destemmer which lightly breaks the skins and removes the stems. The grapes juice is then pump to an open fermenter where the skins and seeds play a big part in the colour, ...

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We are very excited here at Galafrey Wines to be working with Drone by Home a new delivery service via drone in these self-isolating times. Drone by Home have worked with many big companies' delivery products straight to your door. You can now order your wine online; pick a delivery time and we will literally fly the wine to your doorstep! For more...

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Things to See and Do in Mount Barker WA

By a local…. Kim Tyrer CEO & Winemaker Hiya- I am writing this post to give people a better idea of what is available in my hometown. As a tourism town we are often overlooked for Albany and Denmark. I also get frustrated as most people don't know what's available in town so wanted to write a post about a few touristy things. Please note these ...

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My Busiest Holidays Yet by Jack

My nine-year-old son wrote a holiday report which despite giving me "mummy guilt" really show how the vintage went from his eyes. My Busiest Holidays Yet by Jack On the holidays me and my family where so busy at the winery we had to make wine we only have like half an hour each day. On the next day it was the same. I wished that one day my family a...

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Congratulations Kim Tyrer Galafrey CEO & Winemaker wins ACCI Business Person of the Year


On Friday Night was the Albany Chamber of Commerce and Industry Annual Business Awards. Galafrey Wines was a finalist which was fantastic but Kim came away with the win for Business Person of the year Award." Congratulations to the amazing Kim Tyrer winner of the ACCI Business Person of the Year. Truly dedicated to her industry, her town, her regio...

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Galafrey Wines CEO Kim Tyrer got a mention in Parliament

erRick Wilson mentions Galafrey Wines and the benefits of the new free trade agreement with Korea.. 

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Screwcap vs Cork- Australian Wine

Did u know Aussie develop the technology back in the 70s but it wasn't really adopted until the 2000s. The Oz wine industry basically had enough of wines being destroyed by cork!Ralph Kyte-Powell posted this photo on Facebook which I found really interesting.His comments were- 'Just prepared a story for the next edition of Jame Halliday's Wine Comp...

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Sulfer in Wine- Galafrey Wines Australian Wine


How do I pick a wine that has minimal sulphur?I wouldn't worry about it too much unless you have an allergy to sulphur but on what I have said so far I would choose a less commercial, aged red from a cool climate area. Sound familiar!! If I was sensitive to sulphur I would avoid any wines that was bottled recently especially new whites. Give them 3...

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Wine Making- the Process- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


Vintage, in wine-making, is the process of picking grapes and creating the finished product. A vintage wine is one made from grapes that were all, or primarily, grown and harvested in a single specified year.In wine produced on the colder limits of wine production, vintage is often very important, because some seasons will be much warmer and produc...

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History of Wine- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


The history of wine spans thousands of years and is closely intertwined with the history of agriculture, cuisine, civilisation and humanity itself. Archaeological evidence suggests that the earliest wine production came from sites in Georgia and Iran, dating from 6000 to 5000 BC.In medieval Europe, following the decline of Rome and therefore of wid...

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