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Vintage Report 2024

Riesling Fruit

A dry start to the season saw one of the earliest vintages on record. Record temperatures and revolving heatwaves made ripening conditions difficult. Spring and the lead into summer was dry with our last significant rainfall in September. However, quality looked good, but volume was down.

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Vintage Report 2023

"It is what it is!" After a dry spring we had cool conditions this vintage providing a perplexing vintage of both a dry and cool vintage in one. I have never seen one like it before. We started Vintage on March 18th for a small hand pick of Chardonnay and Pinot. Usually, we start the first weekend of March but a later start reflected the cool condi...

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Vintage Report 2022

76E090C8-A3EF-461F-896E-3DBAE5F45384 Harvesting the Reds

Vintage Part 1 Vintage started 2 weeks later than previous years but in some ways like the old days. Leading up to vintage we had a wet winter/ spring but in summer we had some brutal heats waves and beastly eastly winds. The change of season came early and by April things are looking for very autumn with significant rainfalls. With average tempera...

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21D5A3E4-D3E3-49D4-8B7E-11587439A32_20210518-051939_1 Riesling looking awesome!

Customer delight, winemaker fright! …..would be the tag line for V21 After 2 years of lower volumes and drier years. This year was a reminder of what vintage is always like, fast pace as you battle the weather. Did you love the 2013 reds? Intense in flavour. Well, that is 2021. Big wines, big flavours and not that easy to juggle in the winery. The ...

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Vintage 2020…. where does one even begin?

2007 was the earliest vintage we ever did, and we started on 16th Feb. This year we started on 16th Feb picking our chardonnay. Volumes were down again due to dry conditions and this year vintage conditions look like last year.

High temperatures leading into vintage brought on an early season however over the past 10 years you can see summer and winter rains being normal but spring and autumns rains significantly lower.

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Vintage Snap Shot for the Years- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


2018 V18 started very quickly but with no desease or weather pressure we were able to have extra hang time for all wines especially reds resulting in higher than average alcohols and ripeness. The Great Southern area will be showing great ripeness and power not often seen in our wines. Look for great floral aromas in whites, intensity and power in ...

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Vintage Report 2017- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


While a later than normal start to vintage it was reminiscent of vintages 10 years ago. It has been so dry in previous years I think we all forgot what it was like to have a wet year!To give you an idea in 2015 we got 650mm and in 2016 844mm. Our average rainfall sits around 600-700mm. So far, this year we have had 136 mm. However, we were lucky no...

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Vintage Report 2016- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


A dry finish to winter followed by a wet summer provided some difficulty with pest and disease pressure. Since 2007 we have had so many dry summers I think we all forgot how wet the Great Southern can be. Those with experience and a good up to date viticulture program were able to overcome these difficulties and produce a solid vintage of fine frui...

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Vintage Report 2015- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


If there was a theme for this year's vintage it would be 'no, I'm not picking any grapes unless it's a long weekend and there is a festival!'Vintage began in last week of February when we picked all our whites just before the March Long Weekend and the annual Great Southern Taste Festival. Tonnage was down 50% for our Chardonnay (12.8 baume) and Mu...

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Vintage Report 2014- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


On the last day of picking I thought to myself "if I never saw another bee again I would be happy!"Before everyone complains about that comment- let me explain.It has been a dry year- so dry. There's is no blossom on trees and the birds and the bees are hungry. When we were handpicking a few rows I went out to pick the bins up, it was like picking ...

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Vintage Report 2013- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


There are very few times we start vintage before the March Long weekend. Only once before in 2007 we started vintage on the 14th Feb. I remember this because I was in Tasmania on my honeymoon when I got the phone call that they were starting vintage without me!This year we started on Wednesday the 20th February picking the Chardonnay and Muller. Th...

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Vintage Report 2012- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines

Summer rains in December caused some concerns for vineyards however our dry grown vineyard thrived with the moisture. The vine growth has been amazing compared with previous dry years. Many other vineyards struggled to remain disease free. While it caused extra work for us, we were able to maintain canopy management and keep the vineyard disease fr...

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Vintage Report 2011- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


Because of the very dry year Vintage started early, thankfully we got 30mm in December otherwise we'd be carting water to the winery as our water tanks would have been empty. It's been such a weird year with all the disasters in the Eastern States- floods and bush fires, all WA vineyard stocks of sulphur, copper and fungicides were shipped over eas...

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Vintage Report 2010- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


Once again I find myself gazing out on a dampen vineyard. Leaves clinging on for dear life, and the latest vintage resting in tank and barrel.This year's vintage again was subjected to the weather gods, and an earlier onset of ripening brought us more in line with the vintage of 2008. Like last year we began with the Semillon from the warmer climes...

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Vintage Report 2009- Galafrey Wines Australian Wines


As much needed rain begins to replenish some very thirsty vines, it is a good time to take stock of our vintage thus far, and assess what we have in tank, in barrel and hopefully, soon in bottle!The 2009 vintage began, as usual, with the intake of white fruit. Semillon. However this year we were a week later than in 2008. What's more interesting, i...

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