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My Busiest Holidays Yet by Jack

My nine-year-old son wrote a holiday report which despite giving me "mummy guilt" really show how the vintage went from his eyes.

My Busiest Holidays Yet by Jack

On the holidays me and my family where so busy at the winery we had to make wine we only have like half an hour each day.

On the next day it was the same. I wished that one day my family and I can have a day of.

When it was Friday it came true, we had a day of. On the next day we had to squash grapes my sister enjoyed it. The next day it was EASTER I WAS EXSITED so much I could not wait we had three big Easter eggs and 50 little Easter eggs. The next day we went back to the winery and plunged the wine.

The next day we were plunging the wine again and then we check if its rite and we check the temp is. The next day I played games on my computer it's called rob lox.

This holiday was hard, but it was awesome.

Jack and his sister stomping on the pinot.
Jack and the kids from next door stomping on the whole bunch shiraz.
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